"Julie is a very conscientious and knowledgeable financial planner who always puts her clients’ interest first. Unlike other financial people I have dealt with, Julie obtains a good understanding of products, and matches their long term potential with the client’s financial goals. For this reason, I have no problem recommending her services to friends who are in need of professional financial advice from one with high ethical standards."

Demetrius Kyrtatas

"Julie & her team can be best described as being extremely thorough, knowledgeable, committed and resourceful. However, what I like most about Julie’s character is that she is personable … she listens to my needs and recommends strategies accordingly.

In my past experiences with other consultants, I have questioned their motives with regards to their recommendations; however, with Julie I feel extremely comfortable with her integrity and feel she has my family’s best interest in mind. The only regret I have is I wish I had started with her earlier."

Farah & Hanif Nanji

"I met Julie at a seminar at the Glenway Golf and Country Club. I was very impressed with her presentation and scheduled a consultation shortly thereafter.

Julie is not only warm and friendly, but she is very sincere. She can be trusted to do the right thing and like a good friend, she is not afraid to tell you the truth and give you a gently push if you need to take action. Her thoroughness and honesty brings me total peace of mind.

I recommend Julie to anyone looking for clarity, integrity and professionalism. She understands me and my objectives and helps me to stay focused on what I need to do.

Grace Rubert

I have been a client of Julie's since 1995 and have always been so impressed by her dedication to her clients as well as her knowledge of investment solutions. Julie researches and analyzes financial products to make sure that my portfolio is tailored to my needs. Julie is not only warm and friendly but she is also very sincere. I completely trust her with all of my financial needs; in fact I encouraged my children to become clients of Julie as well. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who wants peace of mind with their financial matters.

Jesie Hiltz

We have been clients with Julie since 2006 as our financial advisor on the recommendation from our accountant. We feel that she has greatly helped us with all our financial needs as we moved toward retirement. When we set up an appointment to see Julie at her office she will telephone first to get a feel for where we want to proceed with our investments. Prior to our meeting she has prepared an account summary and a strategic plan for us to move forward. With having Julie so organized with printed copies for us, it makes it easier for us to understand what we are actually doing with our money. Julie takes the time to explain everything to us and never do we feel that she is rushing us to make a decision that we are not comfortable about.

Julie offers seminars occasionally at her office and we have attended a few over the years. They have been informative and actually we moved some investments into one of the companies that participated and have been very pleased with the return over the years and as we move forward. She also attends a lot of conferences and gets new ideas and perspectives on where the markets are and where they are headed.

Julie cares about her clients. We feel that she is always looking out for what is best for us. We appreciate too that she remembers birthdays and special anniversaries.

We would definitely recommend Julie to anyone needing a financial advisor.

Joseph and Terry Halliday

For many years we had our portfolio with a major banking institution in Canada and asked to have our portfolio reviewed to make it work better for us as we were paying the large amounts of service fees and receiving very small dividends and returns.

To our amazement we were told that we were where the bank wanted us to be and they were not willing to change our portfolio.

We started to investigate many other options for investing our finance for over 6 months and we found Julie through our bookkeeper.

Julie took time to go through our portfolio and explained that all that we need to do was reverse the way the banking institute had set up our portfolio as it was set up incorrectly and working against us instead of for us. Julie never put us under any pressure and told us just to let her know if we were interested in using her.

We let the bank know we were thinking of changing and asked them to change the set once again. Again we were told it was set up the way the bank wanted us to have it. So much for what the client wanted.

We took a large loss in our portfolio when we changed over to Julie, but the change was worth it. In a matter of a year and a half Julie managed to make up the loss and surpass what we originally had and she is still giving us great results and increasing our portfolio yearly without us having to pay the services charges and large amounts of taxes.

Julie is more than a financial adviser and portfolio manager she is a caring, knowledgeable person and listens to what her clients want and works very diligently on doing the best job possible.

We feel Julie is part of our close family circle and she is a friend for life.

Robert and Marilyn Cowieson