Benefits Received From The Wealth Maximization Financial Planning Process

Clarity & Focus

We know that you are very busy. We provide you with a personalized roadmap to follow so that you can build your financial castle and focus on what really matters…life.

Control, Focus & Direction

By setting priorities and attaching price tags you sit in the driver’s seat and decide what is important to you! Whatever you must do, to be happy with your life.

Simplicity & Empowerment

Once you know what you need to do to reach the goals that really matter, all daily decisions become simple! You ask yourself: “Have I done what I need to do to reach my most important goals?” If yes then I’ll buy that, if not then is this more or less important than the goals in my plan? Daily decisions are simple and you feel empowered since you have both the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions for you!

Peace Of Mind

Knowing that everything is being taken care of in the manner that you want. All of your goals and finances have been integrated to work together to reach your dreams. Nothing is falling through the cracks. Also, by having a coach to bounce ideas off of, you can avoid making a major mistake that can wipe out your future dreams.

Time Savings

Working with a financial coach saves you hours of research since they will only present to you the relevant options, which pertain to your situation. Also, by doing things properly you can maximize your results and reach your dreams sooner.

Maximized Results

By setting and maintaining your target asset allocation, income splitting, making sure that your plan is tax optimized, using debt properly, protecting your income and estate, wasting less money and minimizing emotional responses, you will maximize your results.

Increased Quality Of Life

By knowing that your financial life is taken care of, you can focus on what really matters - Family/friends, hobbies, personal development, spirituality, work, health, etc.

Ongoing Monitoring & Accountability

You get an annual report card showing where you stand and every 12-24 months we will update your plan (just like a pilot with a flight plan, adjustments need to be made throughout the journey). This accountability (like with my weight loss and personal training) is paramount in keeping you focused even when life gets in the way.