Wealth Maximization Planning

Creating a roadmap to achieve your goals. Fees apply, but clients say, “Planning doesn’t cost, it pays!”

(The Beaker) - (Why Tracking)

Financial planning involves so much more than just looking at your investments. It involves looking at where you are today, where you want to go (your goals) and it sets out a roadmap to determine what the best way is for you to arrive at your goals. Our job is to help you prioritize your goals to find out what is truly important for you to achieve. Next, we figure out the price tag associated with each goal. Then we crunch the numbers to determine whether your current actions will allow you to meet all of your goals. If you can – great! We’ll make sure that you stay on track, but if you can’t, then we work with you to make some changes.

You can make changes to one or any goal. You can postpone your goal, decrease your expectations, increase your savings, increase the return on your investments, increase tax efficiency, or do a combination of all of these. The most important part is that we get your input and get you to make the decisions regarding which changes to make. This ensures that the final plan is something very meaningful to you and reflects your priorities and values. That makes it easy for you to commit to following the plan, and taking action, to get results and reach your goals. You only get one chance so you’d better plan right, and maximize your life.

My Vision for My Wealth Maximization Planning Client:

  • Help you to “Build your financial castle so that you can focus on what really matters” TM (Family and friends, health, spirituality and personal development, adventures and fun!)
  • Maximize Your Wealth and your Overall Quality Of Life
  • Provide Peace Of Mind
  • Coach And Motivate You to Stay On Track
  • Get Results

See the Wealth Maximization Planning Process Diagram

  • The Family Protection Analysis - What would happen if you became sick, disabled or deceased? Would you and/or your family have the lifestyle you want or expect for them? Would the bank own your house or would it force relocation? Would your debts be paid off? Would your mortgage or line of credit insurance pay off your debts? If you got sick would you lose all insurability coverage options at the next renewal date or if you moved your mortgage or line of credit?
  • The Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Plan – How to avoid leaving 50% of your estate to the government!
  • The Cash Flow Planner - Where is my money going and what is my lifestyle costing me? We can give you the answer without budgeting.
  • The Retirement Planning Toolbox - What is the magic number I need to retire on and will my current actions get me there? What changes can I make today to make my retirement years golden years instead of Wal Mart Greeter years?
  • The Retirement Income Plan - Forget rules of thumb, what amount of money will I need to retire for the lifestyle I want and expect? If retired, where is my money coming from and will I run out if I keep going with my current lifestyle and spending habits or if I live the retirement I’ve dreamed of?
  • The Pension Analyzer - How much will my pension really payout based on current projections?
  • The Education Planner - Can I afford to send my kids to university? Can I pay part I want if I start today?
  • The Business Continuation Analysis - If I, my partner, or a key employee, became sick, disabled or diseased, what would happen to the company and/or my family? How can the owner, partner or key employee protect themselves and their family?
  • The Individual Pension Plan - Are there ways to build my own pension?
  • The Business Optimization Plan - Are there ways of minimizing tax or maximizing pensions or income for owners or key staff? Are there ways of restructuring the company to maximize the use of the capital gains exemption and save thousands in tax? Are there legal ways of getting money out of the company without having it declared as income or dividends?
  • The Tax Plan - How can I be more tax efficient to save on my tax bill?
  • The Severance Plan - Should I take control of my pension or leave it with the company? What is the break even return that I must beat? How can I set up my severance pay to save thousands of dollars in tax?
  • The Mortgage Analysis - What’s the best way to take years and dollars off my mortgage? (Hint: it’s not usually what the bank tells you!)
  • And other plans, just ask

We will assist you in executing the recommendations either directly or in co-ordination with other knowledgeable professionals.

Complimentary Initial Assessment & Evaluation

If you would like to find out more about our fee based planning services we can provide you with our initial assessment and evaluation. This service is valued at $450 but is offered on a complementary basis to determine if we are a good fit and if so, which level of service you would most benefit from. Don’t forget to bring the required documentation to maximize your benefit from.

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