The Four Objectives in Everything We Do!

  1. Increase Income

  2. At the same or less risk

  3. With better protection from wealth eroding factors (these include the risks of; lawsuits, inflation, low interest rates and markets, higher taxes and the risk of living too long or dying too soon.)

  4. Ideally, we do this with no additional out of pocket outlay (we strive to keep your cash flow the same by finding the money; but, often clients will choose to save more).

Our Goal is that our clients:

  • Can spend and enjoy their money without the fear of running out

  • Leave money behind for those they love

  • Experience financial success under multiple scenario's (changes in the economy, stock market, inflation, their health etc.)


You'll clearly feel, hear and see the difference that a Wealth Maximization Group plan will make. You will feel complete peace of mind, and be crystal clear on the actions needed to make your dreams a reality. This will build a strong foundation so that all future money decisions will be easier, since you'll know exactly what you need to do to reach your most important goals. All future opportunities to spend money can now easily be evaluated to see whether they are more or less important than your current goals. Clients have told us they love how this simplifies their lives. Won't it look, feel and sound wonderful to make your dreams a reality?

Your Goals & Planning

At Wealth Maximization Group, we are triple licensed which means that we can help with your investments, your insurance and your financial planning requirements. Julie has taken multiple courses which go above and beyond licensing courses, in order to master the best way of integrating all of your financial decisions; thereby giving you better, integrated results to get you to your goals faster! Our listening skills and knowledge provide powerful human advice that adapts to changes, so that you can stay focused on; what you really want, take action and live a better life!