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*Investment Advisory Services are offered through WealthMax Financial - a tradename of Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

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  • We have been clients with Julie since 2006 as our financial advisor on the recommendation from our accountant. We feel that she has greatly helped us with all our...
  • For many years we had our portfolio with a major banking institution in Canada and asked to have our portfolio reviewed to make it work better for us as we were paying the large amounts of…

  • I met Julie at a seminar at the Glenway Golf and Country Club. I was very impressed with her presentation and scheduled a consultation shortly thereafter.

    Julie is not only warm and…

  • I have been a client of Julie's since 1995 and have always been so impressed by her dedication to her clients as well as her knowledge of investment solutions.…

Latest Articles

  • Financial Success Simplified: Introduction

    Apr 08, 2024

    The purpose of this series is to educate consumers on some simple principles that will take the mystery out of the often-complex world of managing one’s financial affairs. The first distinction is to realize there are only seven key variables that...

  • Planning Ahead Eases Tax Audit Worries

    Apr 08, 2024

    A letter arrives from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). You are being audited. Panic ensues as you wonder what you did wrong and why the CRA is targeting you. 'There must be bigger fish to fry,' you might say to yourself.

    The first thing you need to do is...

  • What's Your Retirement Planning Mindset?

    Apr 08, 2024

    Recent studies * reveal that a large majority of so-called Baby Boomers are uncertain about their preparation for retirement. Arguably, the have it my way generation did not all follow in their parents' footsteps when it came to saving for the future...


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