At Wealth Maximization Group, we design a custom portfolio to match your individual; objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance. Your portfolio can be focused more towards income or growth, or it can be focused on a combination of both.

Either way, it will provide both diversification and access to high quality local, and global asset managers with a consistent focus on minimizing risk for a given level of return.

Given that we are both securities licensed and independent, we have almost unlimited access to all products in the market. This is different from an advisor who is insurance licensed or someone who only holds a mutual funds license or is tied to one particular company or bank.

When appropriate you may even qualify for exclusive access to private and or institutional investments, many of which are not typically available to the individual investor.


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Our World Class products include:


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Transparency & Fees

At Wealth Maximization Group, we exclusively operate on an ongoing management fee basis. There are no upfront commissions. This approach encourages us to focus wholeheartedly on growing your accounts. When your account grows, so does our compensation, and when your account decreases, so does our compensation; thereby aligning both of our interests so that we are working together to maximize your wealth!

As a result, we are focused on meeting the needs of our current clients, rather than constantly seeking new ones. We build long term relationships, resulting in an exceptional client retention.

Our fees are clear, straightforward, and competitively priced. Your fees are clearly outlined on your statement, and some of these fees may also be eligible for tax deductions; thereby optimizing your overall net returns.

Aligning our commitment to bolstering your assets:
Maximizing Your Wealth to Maximize Your Life!

Maximizing Your Wealth to Maximize Your Life!